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                                                                                                MARIA (THE TIGER TALES)

The lovely lady who is Maria :) A fabulous Blogger who started her online journey by informing us about all things parenting (with her GORGEOUS children!), she's now inviting us into her well informed Hair, Beauty and Fasshion world too :) Maria has a lot to say and always keep us looking forward to her next posts. Make sure you also follow her on her Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages!

When and Why Did You Decide To Go Natural?

I went natural February 2010, after transitioning for roughly three months. My transition period was short because I was excited to see what my natural hair would be like, the second around time going natural. The first time was back in 2001, when I still lived in Trinidad. Hubby and I had decided over Christmas to start a family. I was already 37 years old, so, I wanted to be my most fit and healthy natural self. Along with a revamped gym regime and healthy eating plan I went natural. I felt the added bonus would be if I had a girl I’d know how to manage her natural hair whatever the texture. 

What Are Your Three Favourite Products?

Like many naturals I’ve been through my fair share of products trying to find the perfect combination for my hair which I think has a 3b/3c texture. It’s hard to choose but this year I’ve found few amazing products. Currently my favourite products are:

  • Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Shampoo
  • Shea Bliss Moisturising Deep Conditioner
  • Big Hair Whipped Butter